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    NewSense wrote:
    @ _coliN_ - Are you using that/those versions of PageStream on actual 68k Amiga hardware?


    It is the actual PPC-Demo for MorphOS, you can download at the moment on the hompage.
    The funny thing is, that the archive is named as no-pro version, but inside is the binary of the pro-version...
    And this binary works the best of all 5th demos. I use - (or better.) trying it on my Pegasos I. YOu can insert images and text without hangups, and saving and exporting of such docs doesnt work in the normal betas.
    Also I have the impression, that the demo is working better with every MorphOS update. Dont know the reason,
    but perhaps the fixing and programming of MUI and other libs makes Pagestream working better with the years...? ;)
    But this is only a simple guess...


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