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    > Have you ever bought/used PageStream for any OS it's available for?

    No. I am a professional DTP software user, but my employer is an Adobe devotee :-) My personal, low requirements regarding DTP are well met by open source word processing software.

    > v4 was released somewhere about 2002

    I think it was in the (very) late 1990s.

    >> the OS3-68k releases are apparently deemed final releases,
    >> at least judging by the titles in the list of PageStream releases.

    > PageStream Amiga-OS3-68k dated 2010-10-21 [...] is the
    > last update - to current date for the 68k fork of PageStream v5.x.x.x and
    > there is an "a" on the end of that to signify it is [...] an alpha state

    You mean he released the v5.0.5.8 on 2010-10-11 and ten days later released the alpha of the same version? Doesn't make sense to me as this would be reversed order. Therefore, I don't think the suffixed 'a' means what you think it means. To my mind, the 'a' denotes a change that's deemed too small for even increasing the fourth digit '8' to a '9', which means v5.0.5.8 got a tiny update and was thus followed by v5.0.5.8a.
    I found a news item where v5.0.5.8a is called a beta release. Going by that, it seems all 2010 and newer releases in the list of PageStream releases are beta releases, with some of them correctly denoted as beta in the title while others are missing the beta denotation.
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