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    @ Andreas_Wolf - Question - Have you ever bought/used PageStream for any OS it's available for? :-?

    Just as background, I've been a PageStream user, and registered with SoftLogik Publishing Corp. for about 20+ years now..

    Back in the 1990s that was with PageStream v3.3, and when v4 was released somewhere about 2002 I upgraded to v4 Pro, and later to the currently unuseable v5, though earlier during v4 development it began trading as Grasshopper LLC/PageStream.org which it is currently shown trading as.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote: Opposed to the OS4 and MorphOS releases of v5, which are called beta releases, the OS3-68k releases are apparently deemed final releases, at least judging by the titles in the list of PageStream releases.

    You've surprisingly overlooked - PageStream Amiga-OS3-68k dated 2010-10-21 28 mb, and the linked comment ...

    by Deron Kazmaier on the release page, "It has just been over a week since the last release, but I did get a few bugs with the font selector and lists in general and a few other minor pains. Just trying to make it easier to test for those folks who can fire it up."

    Which is the last update - to current date for the 68k fork of PageStream v5.x.x.x and there is an "a" on the end of that to signify it is still, after 10+ years an alpha state, and for those of us who paid for it to become a FULL release, very, very, very disappointing.
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