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    > I sent a message to the PageStream forum on 28-May-2020, and got
    > a reply from Deron Kazmaier on 14-July-2020 [...] confirming that [...]
    > Frank Mariak, and RMS Video/Christoph Poelzl had done work for the
    > MorphOS version 5 of PageStream, between March and May apparently . . .
    > [...] 10-September-2020 - I left a message [...] stating that I was still waiting
    > for an update, as I'd asked about buying a working version of PageStream
    > for MorphOS . . . but I've not been left any reply by Deron to date

    Thanks, I read that forum thread now.

    > can I consider my request as recent ?- 10-September-2020? :-?

    I'd day so, yes. I don't know when the Amiga Addict article was actually written and what time frame 'recently' therein may refer to, just that the linked image of the article was uploaded 24-October-2020.

    > v5 of PageStream for Amiga 68k, OS4 and MorphOS only ever made it
    > to either alpha or Beta releases

    Opposed to the OS4 and MorphOS releases of v5, which are called beta releases, the OS3-68k releases are apparently deemed final releases, at least judging by the titles in the list of PageStream releases.

    > Jonah Naylor stating they only use the 68k version "as it has lower RAM
    > memory requirements" - that's total B.S.

    As I understand it, his statement is not about using the 68k version instead of non-68k version but about using v4.1 instead of v5. That's not to say this statement wouldn't be somewhat B.S. as well, though.

    > Frank's previous PageStream v5 MorphOS update that he showed at one
    > of the MorphOS "get-togethers"/meets a few years ago I seem to remember

    Yes, Alchimie 0xb back in 2015 according to comment #52.
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