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    @ Andreas_Wolf - thanks for the Amiga Addict magazine link, PageStream article by Jonah Naylor, but I should mention ...

    I sent a message to the PageStream forum on 28-May-2020, and got a reply from Deron Kazmaier on 14-July-2020 (only 6 weeks to wait for a response) confirming that our very own Frank Mariak, and RMS Video/Christoph Poelzl had done work for the MorphOS version 5 of PageStream, between March and May apparently . . . that's 6 months ago . . . and Deron's reply in July stated . . .

    Deron Kazmaier .."Several more issues to resolve. The biggest thing on my plate is to clean up some clipping because display is very slow compared to previous versions (it renders using the latest Mac/Windows render pipeline which counts on some heavier hardware) and finishing the merge of Frank's work. The biggest chunk of (new) work was done March->May, but things have gotten slow lately.

    10-September-2020 - I left a message on Deron's PageStream Forum pages stating that I was still waiting for an update, as I'd asked about buying a working version of PageStream for MorphOS . . . but I've not been left any reply by Deron to date, which is not really awe-inspiring. I've sent emails as well, also no reply at all. Very disappointing

    From the quote by Jonah Naylor of "recent" can I consider my request as recent ?- 10-September-2020? :-? so sadly I'm not holding my breath for good news about PageStream.

    Let's not forget that v5 of PageStream for Amiga 68k, OS4 and MorphOS only ever made it to either alpha or Beta releases, and they were as flaky as hell or impossible to use as such when released - that even includes the Windows, Mac and Linux releases though I seem to remember they were given titles of being a full release, but I wouldn't consider the Windows version that I got as being a "full" release to use or be anything like useable. I used it a few times, but had far too many crashes, and issues with it that never got fixed that I gave up on it, and went back to v4.1.5.6 Pro - the Amiga 68k release.

    So, I still use v4.1.5.6 Pro for Amiga 68k as that's the only one I can trust to not crash out at a moment's notice. Those versions haven't been improved upon, other than behind closed doors - and with the kindness, competence and benevolence of Frank Mariak and Christoph Poelzl, but that improved release is still not available to buy or even try.

    It's alright Jonah Naylor stating they only use the 68k version "as it has lower RAM memory requirements" - that's total B.S.

    PageStream v5 is currently a joke for anyone with an Amiga system, of whatever type that might be, and that even applies to the Windows, Linux, and Mac version 5 !

    So, until the MorphOS update has been implemented and released there will not be a v5 worth talking about for our future DTP use, . . . very, very sadly I might add, as Frank and Christoph seemingly put a lot of effort for this, probably for free, and that includes Frank's previous PageStream v5 MorphOS update that he showed at one of the MorphOS "get-togethers"/meets a few years ago I seem to remember.

    It's difficult to be optimistic in the circumstances for PageStream when the last release of v5, which was unuseable anyway, for the Amiga was back in 2010 - 10 years ago, and the last PageStream version for ANY platform was for the Mac OS X version 5 was way back in 2012, and that is the most recent release AFAIK. If it wasn't such a tragic situation for we Amigans I'd be falling off my chair laughing at the chances of seeing a new release of any version of PageStream. :-(
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