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    walkero wrote: ... How possible do you think it would be to persuade him to opensource the code? This way, if anyone would like to work on that will be able to do so, fix the bugs of v5 and add new features. This is the only solution I see to save that application.

    Well, it all depends if he is of the mindset to sell, or Open Source it, as it doesn't seem to be going anywhere currently, and then it would be either if he's prepared to make the grand gesture of Open Sourcing the code, or how much he wants for the source code I suppose.

    I'd be prepared to support a bounty, if this is viable for the current Amiga community or if it would just be MorphOS users that would be supporting the "Bounty". There has never been a successful MorphOS version of PageStream released by Deron, but I believe Frank Mariak - cyfm did a fix for the bug-ridden version intended for MorphOS, or could it have been an Amiga version of PageStream 5 that was fixed from a MUI/bug aspect that Frank got working and did a "presentation" of at one of the MorphOS user gatherings.

    walkero wrote: I sent him as well an email a couple of days ago. Let's hope he will reply and be positive to open source it.

    Did you ask him in your email if he was prepared to sell or even Open Source any or all of the PageStream versions code?
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