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    > As someone who purchased iFusion PPC from Jim Drew long ago,
    > I don't think it ever worked even on AmigaOS3.x, in any way that was
    > really usable and productive.

    Yes, while I never used it myself I'm aware that iFusion left much to be desired, especially compared to the expectations caused by the announcements. I remember that a German Amiga dealer, who was the exclusive German iFusion distributor (but ceased operation in 2007), sold off the software for 9 EUR per copy in 2002/2003, which was probably way below the dealer's own cost.

    Btw, interesting comment by the original iFusion author:

    Edit: Another interesting comment insinuating the illegal use of MacOnLinux and SheepShaver source code:
    ...and the author's response:

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