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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:,

    Unless LightWave 3D for MacOS/PPC has been written in PPC ASM it wouldn't be substantially (if at all) easier than attempting to port any x86 version to MorphOS.

    It is entirely possibly that parts of LightWave3D for MacOS/PPC ARE written in PPC Assembler Language, as it is a program that needs lots of CPU performance to work well and writing parts of it in Assembler Language would probably increase it's speed (although some will argue that modern compilers of other programming languages can do just as good as a person writing PPC Assembler Language), but only NewTek would know if any parts of LightWave3D are written in Assembler Language.


    > Maybe a port is not necessary if a PPC emulator of MacOSX can run on
    > MorphOS3.1. Then we just launch LightWave3D for MacOSX from the emulator.

    MorphOS runs on PPC, so a PPC emulator wouldn't be necessary obviously. Quite to the contrary, it would make it crawl. What would be needed for MorphOS is a virtualization software (not an emulator, so doesn't emulate the CPU) that can run MacOS/PPC, just like Mac-on-Linux/Mac-on-Mac or SheepShaver do on Linux/PPC and MacOSX/PPC.

    Don't separate my statement of "PPC emulator" from the words that follow it, as that changes the meaning of what I wrote. "PPC emulator of MacOSX" is a very different thing than just "PPC emulator". It should be understood that a "PPC emulator of MacOSX" equals an emulator of MacOSX that runs on PPC. I could have written it more clearly if I just wrote SheepShaver for MorphOS3.1, but I did not think my meaning would be misunderstood.

    So, what I was trying to write, was that it would probably be easier to complete a port of SheepShaver to run on MorphOS3.1, than it would be to complete a port of LightWave3D PPC to MorphOS3.1, but only a real programmer would know if that assumption is true or not.

    Sorry if I confused you about the meaning of my posting. I know that the use of the words "of", or "for", or other parts of the English language can be confusing to some people who's native language is not English, but your English skills are very good, so I am surprised you did not figure out my meaning, even though I could have written it more clearly.

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