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    > maybe the best 3D program for MorphOS3.1 would be to try to get NewTek to
    > allow 3rd party developers do a port of LightWave3D PPC to MorphOS3.1? [...]
    > The PPC version of LightWave3D for Mac computers might be the easiest and
    > best 3D program to port to MorphOS3.1.

    Unless LightWave 3D for MacOS/PPC has been written in PPC ASM it wouldn't be substantially (if at all) easier than attempting to port any x86 version to MorphOS.

    > Maybe a port is not necessary if a PPC emulator of MacOSX can run on
    > MorphOS3.1. Then we just launch LightWave3D for MacOSX from the emulator.

    MorphOS runs on PPC, so a PPC emulator wouldn't be necessary obviously. Quite to the contrary, it would make it crawl. What would be needed for MorphOS is a virtualization software (not an emulator, so doesn't emulate the CPU) that can run MacOS/PPC, just like Mac-on-Linux/Mac-on-Mac or SheepShaver do on Linux/PPC and MacOSX/PPC.
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