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    connor wrote:,

    ...If Lightwave and others do not work properly then this is sad because there are no alternatives that are still developeed. Of course you cannot wait for updates as Imagine, Lightwave, Real3D, Cinema4D are not developed anymore. Blender is nice and complex but quite slow because of Python and bugs can only be found during runtime which lead to the program stop working. Aladdin4D is just vaporware. But all in all not MOS should be modified to make all these weird software run but efforts should be made to attract devs to use system standards and release new versions or fixes at least. I always hated the crude UIs of Real3D and such. But there once was Tornado3D. It used MUI. Did someone ever try it on MOS? It was expensive, too, but maybe it is an alternative and can be found somewhere. Or can the authors even be motivated for an update?

    NewTek made the jump from Amiga 680x0 to PPC somewhere between versions 5.x and 7.x, or 8.x, so maybe the best 3D program for MorphOS3.1 would be to try to get NewTek to allow 3rd party developers do a port of LightWave3D PPC to MorphOS3.1?

    At least NewTek still remembers and will return emails from Amiga users. They might even still be providing support for their old Video Toaster & Flyer Zorro cards? I know they were up to a few years ago.

    The PPC version of LightWave3D for Mac computers might be the easiest and best 3D program to port to MorphOS3.1. It has a well known interface, that some think is the most user friendly and easy to use. Another benefit to porting the PPC version of LightWave3D for MacOS, is that many MorphOS3.1 users already have experience using the Amiga version of LightWave3D, so they know how to use it and don't have to learn another 3D interface, like Blender, which can be daunting, specially for new 3D artists.

    I know this is probably not a feasible option and NewTek may not allow, or be interested in having their PPC version of LightWave3D ported to a platform that has maybe only 500 to 700 users, and even if the port could also include OS4.x users, that would only add another 500 to 700 users, which is not enough for NewTek to become interested in spending any of their money, or resources on such a project. Only if it did not cost NewTek anything, and if it could give them the possibility of a few new LightWave3D users, who might then buy their latest product for their Windows, or MacOSX computers, then maybe they would consider allowing some 3rd party programmers to do the port to MorphOS3.1 and/or OS4.1.5.

    Not likely, but just an idea, if any programmer wants to contact NewTek and ask if it would be possible.

    Edit: Maybe a port is not necessary if a PPC emulator of MacOSX can run on MorphOS3.1. Then we just launch LightWave3D for MacOSX from the emulator.

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