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    >>> Aladdin4D is just vaporware.

    >> I think it's obvious that this program exists up to version 5.0.

    > It was [...] promised to bring new Amiga and MorphOS versions. Besides
    > promising this again and again, making fun of potential buyers and baiting
    > buyers with a Mac screenshot and a Mac video nothing ever materialized.
    > [...] Thisi s why I call it vapourware.

    I still don't understand how the vapourwareness of "new Amiga and MorphOS versions" of Aladdin4D (i.e. v6.0+) can make Aladdin4D in general (i.e. including versions through v5.0) vapourware.

    > Eyelight was an Italian company, right?



    > potgo.resource [...] seems to be complete for AROS since 2008
    > http://aros.sourceforge.net/pl/introduction/status/potgo.php

    I read there "0%". See also http://aros.sourceforge.net/introduction/status/resources.php .
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