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    You could get rid of the morphos boot partition by merging the boot command from bootinfo.txt into ofboot.b and copying boot.img onto the same drive as yaboot.
    OSX has no seperate boot partition.

    Jacadcaps' guide says to (in brief):
    - boot OSX install CD and partition the disk (for MorphOS & OSX) using OSX installer. (My contribution is to leave enough free space for linux unpartitioned)
    - Install OSX.
    - Boot morphOS install CD and format the MorphOS parititons using HDConfig (via iWizard 'manual' method).
    - Install MorphOS.
    - (my contrib) Boot Ubuntu/whichever-linux CD, partition empty space & install.
    This way, each OS is preparing its own partitions at least, so it should work. ;-)

    Re: the double-entries in iWizard - I've come across that bug myself. Think I just rebooted to be on the safe side before going any further, and ahven't come across it again.

    Possible fix for the 'broken partition' message in OSX:


    Rather than trying to create all partitions at once, why not just leave enough free space to allow the FreeBSD installer to create its own partitions as required? (I'm assuming it does that, I've never even tried FreeBSD).
    PS - Can't you just use mount points on root (/) for /tmp /var /usr /home thus having them on the same partition? Seven seems a bit messy!

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