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    Divinity wrote:
    I have not installed MorphOS at the moment (I have used a PowerMac FW800), but I think also It's very useful editing ofboot.b in MorphOS (Is It also possible to edit ofboot.b in Linux in a simple way ?)

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    You can mount the bootloader partition within Linux and edit the file (may require sudo though), but I do not know how to re-bless the file afterwards except by using ybin (which would overwrite your changes anyway, as it does more than just bless).

    I believe ofboot.b it is generated from a combination of a 'template' script within the filesystem (mkofboot or some such) and the changes made to yaboot.conf. What we are doing is bypassing this completely, and just manually altering the final script.
    It may be possible to edit this 'template' script, along with yaboot.conf, then run ybin to generate the results shown above and bless, but it would be a lot easier just to boot from the MorphOS2.5 CD, open a cli, and bless from there (wouldn't even require installing MorphOS onto the hard disk).



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