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    Sorry to get back to you so late. Been too busy lately.
    I think by showing how many different ways I was able to get VistaPro running, I may have made this difficult to follow. My apologies.
    I'll just copy the relevant posts I've made to do this one simple way.
    Please keep in mind that I have no idea if the results can/will be the same on MorphOS. Nor do I know whether using ModePro will conflict in any way with MorphOS builtin method of handling promotion, which I've read about here.

    For VistaPro 3.x


    ok. Let me update the methodology so you start rendering in ham-8 at 896x640. heh! I'll assume a working knowledge of ModePro, but feel free to ask questions. These instructions are for VistaPro V3.x, which is what I assume you are attempting to run. Two versions are included for VistaPro. We'll use the .881 version and absolutely NO need to disable JIT, despite older posts indicating that.


    (01)Install ModePro. Currently I have it in WBstartup, but you can put it somewhere else. In that case you have to start the program PRIOR to trying to run any program trying to make use of it. I strongly suggest just having it start in WBstartup, so you don't have to even think about it. I have not seen any file conflicts in the 4 years I've used it.
    (02)Toggle the upper left gadget to say "screenmodes". Make an entry in the dialog box at bottom for the screen name. "VistaPro 3.0" (Please note there is a space between the "o" and the "3".
    (03)Toggle the middle gadget of ModePro (promotion) to show "screenmode".
    (04)Use the selector to choose "P96-0:FAKENATIVE: 640 x 480.
    (05)Save your prefs

    Prefs/GUI - obviously this part is an OS4.x element. You would have to translate this to whatever is equivalent in MorphOS.

    (01)Go to "controls" and checkmark the box "Planar screens on RTG"
    (02)Save your prefs

    At this point you should be able to start VistaPro 3.x (from icon) and see the familiar main screen, that so many of us remember.

    For Ham8 rendered screen on VistaPro 3.x


    (1)Click right mouse button on menu item at top "GrModes"
    (2)Select "Graphics Panel"
    (3)Click and make active each of the following:
    For overscan width and height click on 896x640.
    Be sure the numbers in the checkboxes above for "image size" and "display size" also show 896x640.
    (4)Click "ok" to exit Graphics Panel

    From now on, When you click render, you will indeed get a HAM8 896x640 screen with little to no visible Ham fringing. btw-you can use a smaller screen to prove to yourself this is HAM. The fringing will be obvious.

    Please let me know if this works for you. Again, the key seems to be planar screens on rtg.

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