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    I don't doubt that you have a stand alone version, but are you certain that it was sold to the general public? Did you have many copies to sell when you were an authorized reseller? I would like to find such a version, but have never seen one for sale. If Newtek sold a lot of that stand alone version, I would think it would be easier to find, so maybe the sales of it were not that good.

    Edit: I bought my "Stand Alone" 5.0 Amiga version of Lightwave because I wanted to run in on my A1200 w/060 & 256mb Fast RAM. I did not install it on any of my other Amiga systems because I could put a Toaster card in them and install the version of Lightwave that comes with the last version of Toaster/Flyer software, v4.3. I don't remember if the v4.3 Toaster/Flyer CD has version 5.1 Lightwave on it and if yes, can I install just Lightwave from that CD onto my A1200/060?

    I'll have to check that out later today (it's 3am now, can't sleep again).

    Blender might be a better choice to run on MorphOS2.x, but there are tons of Lightwave objects and related files available and Cycas CAD can import/export Lightwave files. I need to find my registered Cycas CAD archive and try to install it on MorphOS2.x to see if it will run. Has anyone else here run Cycas CAD on MorphOS2.x?

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