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    (2)Greyscale rendering? Not here. Ham8 on screen.

    Are we talking LW or VP here?



    Yeah, that long, long thread we've referenced can be confusing because of the various methods listed and the fact the some methods went awry for some people but worked perfecly for others.

    The people with clean systems got it working without a hitch, afaik.
    Also could be some failure to understand the step-by-step, which would be my fault.

    As to your comments about MorphOS, well...hence the suggestion to get together and compare notes. And let's not forget the numerous versions of programs that might also have been a reason for lack of success for some folks. Yet another reason to get real specific before issuing any instructions.


    Wish we could have an old-fashioned user group meeting!

    You don't know how many times I've heard that...

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