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    number6 wrote:
    Do I have to follow you around the web now? heh.

    He's after me! I can't get away! (grin) I couldn't make up my mind which next-gen Amiga-like platform to pick, so I got all three -- so silly me is trying to get the same suite of old programs running on three different operating systems. Don't ask me why... I'd probably be better trying to learn more about Blender or PhotoShop or something. LOL!


    (2)Greyscale rendering? Not here. Ham8 on screen.

    Are we talking LW or VP here? On My MorphOS setup, the LW "render in progress" screen, which has always appeared in grayscale for me on various Amigas, isn't showing any graphics at all -- just two lines of text reporting progress on a black background. That's fine for me.


    (3)VistaPro - You confused me on another site. I thought you had 24bit preview on screen, so I said nothing. You should have Ham8 preview in huge size, if you wish to.

    Sounds like I've got more to work on the get things set up as well as you have. Need to get with you when I get WookieChat set up properly. I mentioned the modes for "FAKEBENCH" I used on AOS (3.9 and 4.1), but I don't see any modes like that available on my MorphOS. They're all larger resolution, so not sure if the same trick will work. Would love it if it would, but I'm still learning the ins and outs of MorphOS. AOS seems very familiar, but MorphOS has a few improvements and changes that have me feeling slightly out of phase at times. Just a matter of me getting used to the environment.


    I see you accepted mixing "screens" (OS4PPC) with "modepro" (68k). As long as you accept the usage of modepro, there are far easier ways to achieve your goals. I reached the point after promoting this program with 3 different methods, that modepro alone offered the flexibility to perform certain tricks.

    Yeah, that long, long thread we've referenced can be confusing because of the various methods listed and the fact the some methods went awry for some people but worked perfecly for others. The ModePro method worked for me for VistaPro, and the Screens route worked for me for LW on AOS4.1. Will be interesting to see what might work for VP on MOS. As it is, classic LW is a pleasure on MOS with my eMac. I can't get over how snappy it is to move models around, etc. in both Layout and Modeler.


    To all unfamiliar with the threads in question that MBrantley refers to, I would be happy to supply links. I had posted, amongst other things the idea of having at least one member OS4/MorphOS/AROS form irc channel to co-operate on getting some old favorites running, when so possible.

    Wish we could have an old-fashioned user group meeting!
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