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    Do I have to follow you around the web now? heh.

    (1)The patch is no longer required, as you well know. The fact that is still listed on OS4depot is unfortunately misleading.

    (2)Greyscale rendering? Not here. Ham8 on screen.

    (3)VistaPro - You confused me on another site. I thought you had 24bit preview on screen, so I said nothing. You should have Ham8 preview in huge size, if you wish to.

    I see you accepted mixing "screens" (OS4PPC) with "modepro" (68k). As long as you accept the usage of modepro, there are far easier ways to achieve your goals. I reached the point after promoting this program with 3 different methods, that modepro alone offered the flexibility to perform certain tricks.

    To all unfamiliar with the threads in question that MBrantley refers to, I would be happy to supply links. I had posted, amongst other things the idea of having at least one member OS4/MorphOS/AROS form irc channel to co-operate on getting some old favorites running, when so possible.

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