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    My latest LW is 5.0a, which as I say is working just dandy under MOS 2.5, except for the empty wireframe previews that is also the case under AOS4.1 on my Sam and when promoting LW with RTG on my classic Amigas. But I wonder now what improvements 5.1 brought to the table??? You think that was the final Amiga version?

    Regarding VistaPro: I haven't made any move yet toward trying to make it work under MOS. But here's how I got it going under AmigaOS 4.1u2 on my Sam and with AOS 3.9 on my 4000 with an RTG card...

    The program is hardcoded to look for the a screen called WORKBENCH, and if it's not in a standard Amiga mode the program will not work. Don't ask me why, but because of this VistaPro would crash on my 4000 with Workbench promoted to an RTG mode. Same problem with AOS4.1u2 on my Sam440 system.

    The answer is to use a hex editor and look for WORKBENCH in the VistaPro executable code and change it to FAKEBENCH. Then use a mode promotion program, such as ModePro, to create a screen called FAKEBENCH and on my 4000 I make it a standard Amiga mode, such as NTSC 640x200 or 640x400. That is enough for VistaPro to be happy and run.

    Using ModePro on my Sam and the latest AOS, I set FAKEBENCH to the mode "P96-0:FAKENATIVE: 640 x 480" and select "Force Planar."

    Then VistaPro works quite nicely, and I set it to render very large images and save them as iff24 files. I use the MakePath utility to generate animation sequences.

    I'm still new to MorphOS, so I don't know exactly what needs adapting in the above instructions to work here or if there's a stumbling block. I would love to get VistaPro working on my MOS/eMac because the program's low-resolution screen will look sharper on my eMac's CRT monitor that it does on the LCD monitor I use with my Sam. Just the nature of running a non-native resolution on an LCD. Also, the eMac will no doubt render faster than my current Sam.

    Let me know if you give it a go and have any success. PM me if you need help getting your VP files from floppy to Pegasos.

    And don't give me any credit for figuring anything out. I read it all in a long, long thread on AmigaWorld.net. User number6 and some others did a lot of figuring out before me.

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