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    I now run a three-OS shop here when it comes to next-generation Amiga or Amiga-like systems, with MorphOS on an eMac, AmigaOS 4.1u2 on a Sam440 and now AROS on an iMica Silent (thanks for the cool machine, Steve!).

    For the past several days I've been working on getting classic LW 5.0a running on all three. At the moment, it's the MorphOS machine I'm inclined to actually use for LW work, despite generally preferring AOS for, well, being most Amiga like. (What can I say? I love a good screen drag.)

    But the LW interface is just so very fast on MOS 2.5 and my 1.25ghz eMac, and I've now got all the problems solved to my satisfaction on this combination. (On AOS, I thought I was there, but have found executing AREXX scripts from within Modeler will cause a crash. These scripts for doing such things as centering selections work fine on MOS.)

    As Piru mentions, the only way to get around the make-preview bug is to drop the interface down to four colors. The resulting preview is still empty for want of the Amiga custom chips, but the rendering of the preview is so fast that it in itself functions as a real-time preview. You just don't get to loop it.

    The grayscale view of the rendering progress doesn't show for me, but who cares? The actual renders are very fast considering this is 68K code on non-current PowerPC hardware. Much faster than anything I was doing on my two 68060 classics.

    As Condor says, the key to getting Modeler to work on its own in the proper screenmode is the changemode program in toaster:programs/utilites. I'm running it at 1024x768, which looks good on the eMac CRT monitor. I'm using ModePro, another old 68K friend, to promote the Layout screen to 1024x768.

    So, at the moment, my MOS Macintosh is on LightWave duty. Only down side is it will now take me forever to learn Blender because of being distracted with classic LightWave.

    I wonder if I can get VistaPro working on it??? That one is doing very well on my AOS setup.
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