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    mahen wrote:
    Does the Linux Compiz expose-like feature (scale plugin) infringe some copyrights ?

    [ Edited by mahen on 2010/1/26 12:20 ]

    there is no such thing as a copyright on a "concept" or an "idea". Unless you go and steal the same code used in MacOS X, you are free to use any idea whatsoever. Now software *patents* -which this feature would probably fall under- could affect the implementation, *if* you live in a country that supports software patents (like the USA). EU currently does not approve software patents -but there is some strong lobbying so that it will eventually, check http://petition.stopsoftwarepatents.eu/. This means that since the MorphOS team does reside in the EU -afaik- it is free to do what it pleases and implement an Expose-like effect -even with the exact same functionality as in MacOS X.

    PS. Fwiw, I'm using it with kde4 right now and I couldn't care less about Apple's patents.
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