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    The AmiSSL installer give three options for which CPU version to install,

    1. 68000/68010
    2. 68020/68030/68040,
    3. 68060

    Which should I install on a G4 PPC running MorphOS2.4?

    Off Topic: I am surprised at how many programs that are included with MorphOS2.4 that do not run until many libraries and/or classes are downloaded and installed first. Why could not working versions be included with MorphOS2.4 with a readme that said to check for the most current versions of those extra needed files? At least the program should work, even if it doesn't have the most current MUI class library. I am just wondering why this seems to be the case for more than one included program? It makes it more confusing for new users and almost impossible for new users that have no Amiga experience.
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