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    Stevo wrote:
    For what it's worth I tried getting it to run again (been years), and after some fiddling (and crashes) it works with the following configuration:

    * Delitracker v2.34
    * 14-bit Noteplayer v4.30

    I deleted all other DeliTracker Genies and disabled Paula-Noteplayer. I configured the 14-bit Noteplayer (open the DeliTracker Genies window, click on the 14-bit Noteplayer, push the "Show" button and when the 14-bit Noteplayer window is open (and active) just press right mouse button to access the settings) to use 16-bit AHI as output (AHI Unit 0 16-bit stereo HiFi++)...and that's it really. You'll need to adjust the Mixing frequency in the 14-bit Noteplayer prefs or it'll sound horrible (and for some reason it wont save the settings) and there are still a lot of replay timing problems, but hey, just like I remembered ;-)

    Really, use UADE; it's way better.

    *edit: just tried out the AHI-Noteplayer (latest from Aminet) and that works as well. Still timing probs, but less so ;)

    Thanks for the tips.

    I swear my brain is turning to mush because I cannot see anything that lets me configure the noteplayer to use AHI Unit 0.

    Screenshot here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/er0p.png/

    I know UADE is better (I did the port to Haiku) but I'm just stubborn and want to get Delitracker working for the sake of it tbh. :)

    I'll try the AHI noteplayer from Aminet and see if it works for me.
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