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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > you need to skip this step, it's for AOS only. [...] I personally
    > had no timing problems with modules i played.

    I followed the steps (except #7) and DeliTracker works fine now on MorphOS 3.1 on my Mac mini G4. Thanks :-) I remember that I had read fingus' instructions back then when he posted them to amigaworld.net but silly me didn't even think to attempt to follow them due to mention of step #7.
    As I see there has already been a discussion on the timing issue (that is not there under MorphOS):


    And there's an ARexx script that's supposed to help with running on MorphOS:

    Call me stupid but I cannot for the life of me get Delitracker to play anything. It just flashes the screen titlebar red briefly when I hit play.

    I followed all the instructions in that aw.net thread but can't find where to tell the 14bit noteplayer to use AHI Unit 0.

    I installed the 68k rexxsyslib.library and that AREXX script you linked to, but it still doesn't do anything.

    Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? I suspect it's the AHI Unit thing but perhaps it's another problem?
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