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    Man... I never have seen a more sophisticated USB device than this iPhone thingy. The iPod already was one out of two devices that I ever saw coming with more than one Configuration, but the iPhone has *four*, which is kinda cool.

    What's not so cool though, that the Apple Mobile Device + Apple USB Ethernet interfaces are vendor specific and as of now, there's no information available about it. But you could try a forced binding to the ethwrap.class. If you're lucky, this works.

    Due to the fact that no device ever needed to select a specific configuration from the end users point, Poseidon does not provide this via the UI. So by default, it will bind to the first configuration with a fitting class. Therefore, you need to do some tricks to get it bind to the other configs.

    You need to create some dummy forced *interface* bindings (context menu iin the specific device information *window* on the interfaces):

    Config 1 Interface 1 (PTP): forced interface binding to say, hub.class (won't work, as it only accepts device bindings).

    Config 2 Interface 0 (USBAudio): forced interface binding to hub.class
    Config 2 Interface 2 (HID): forced interface binding to hub.class

    Config 3 Interface 0 (PTP): forced interface binding to hub.class

    It will then still bind to Config 4 Interface 0 (PTP), which is fine.

    Config 4 Interface 2, Alternate 1 (Ethernet): forced interface binding to ethwrap.class

    Then click on unbind, click on Class Scan and see what happens. Post a UsdDevlister and UsbErrorlog.
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