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    platon42 wrote:

    Thanks for the output.

    No, really, thank you for your response!


    In the first mode, the device is in ActiveStink mode, requiring an RNDIS driver *and* the synching application behind it. The RNDIS driver is a bit more complicated than a standard Ethernet driver it seems. Not an easy task.

    I had it discarded since the beginning. It's a better way of doing things, but much more complex. So much, in fact, that the word "better" fades away...


    In second mode uses a vendor specific class ID. Looking at the linux driver, it would be pretty easy to adapt one of the existing class drivers such as serialpl2303 or serialcp210x to the ipaq model. It probably would already work with the rawwrap.class if the ipaq-driver wouldn't need that special init sequence first.

    So I would have to write a program that understands the Poseidon framework and, using its "rawwrap" class, I would be able to communicate with the phone? I guess I would only be able to do so if the program talked in the ActievSync language.


    And then, you're still missing the active stink protocol and the app on the other side.

    Sure, that's what I feared. But I had the intention of writing "MorphSync", an application that runs on the phone, and talks to Poseidon.
    Now, please correct me, because I'm wrong for sure: I expected that, after starting "MorphSync" on the phone, I could communicate with it from MorphOS through Poseidon's "USBSER:" device.
    That's because I gaev for granted the wild guss that, if I have some kind of USB serial port in MorphOS, it would couple to a generic serial port on the phone.
    Would it be possible? But we haven't even started to talk about baud rates, parties and stop bits, so go figure how clueless I really am.


    However, if you're willing to code the ipaq adaption, I'd gladly provide you the source to the serialcp210x.class, if you want to write an ActiveSync app, too.

    That sounds scary...
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