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    Hi there guys... A couple of days ago, I was toying with the crazy idea of communicating with my Windows Mobile 6 ("WM6") phone. I'm not aiming at having "ActiveSync for MorphOS", but some sort of experiment.

    When you plug a WM6 phone into the USB port, Poseidon says it's a "Generic RNDIS device". That is, some sort of network device. Of course, MorphOS' NetStack can't deal with it because we don't have a driver for it. Nor Poseidon has a class for generic RNDIS devices. Fair.

    But then, WM6 phones offer an option of "disabling advanced ActiveSync communication", which in turn makes the phone look like a "generic serial" device to Poseidon. And there comes the trick.

    Can one expect some kind of communication with this scenario? Poseidon, of course, doesn't bind any class to the phone, but indeed offers the possibility of binding manually. Is there any class that might work? Perhaps "usbserial", or something like that? Would that mean that I could send data through "USBSER:", for example?
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