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    I've just uploaded the new Helios on Aminet.
    It has been completly re-written to have a design and API more close to the one made for Poseidon.

    So any previous installation must be removed before!!

    In this version, no GUI application yet :-(
    Just one command to run: helios_rom_start and nothing else.

    Helios and 3rd parties ouput some debug into the serial console, if you want to see bus enumeration and SBP2 info (SBP2 = protocol for HD, CDROM, Printers, ... like a super mass storage).

    The archive has just been put on Aminet so wait validation from their side.

    Archive name: driver/other/Helios_0.4-svn_r560.lha

    Ah forgotten to say: yes, SBP2.class is inside (see installation in README). So you can connect external FW harddrive enclosure and CD-ROM also.
    Partition and CDROM are automatically mounted after successfull enumeration by the sbp2.class (sbp2.device is created and added to the system at runtime).

    Use Mount and UnitControl MorphOS applications to play with partitions and CDROM mountage if the auto-mount doesn't work.

    Sorry the documentation is really short but my real life eats everything ;-)

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    And now... next project!
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