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    SoundSquare wrote:

    That's what sbp2 is for, also usb2 pci cards are cheap and easily available.

    indeed, but USB2 in Poseidon sucks (not related to Poseidon directly i think but to the driver). It's unstable, often slow, doesn't work with every usb2 devices, and easily crash with large transfers.

    Hmmm.. or maybe it's about the setup :). USB2 PCI card has worked fine on my Peg1. I've filled and refilled my 250G USB-HD without any problems. With large transfers like movies, music and cd images. Also handfull of USB pens have worked. And couple of cameras. And HIDs like several mice and driving wheel... only problem was with bad cable which came with HD, I had drops with it, but after replacing it with proper cable everything has worked perfectly.

    But anyway firewire is welcome. Sounds much better by design and USB always has some kludge feeling, I don't know why ;)

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