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    As golem says, sbp2 (Serial Bus Protocol) is a protocol designed like the SCSI but using the ieee1394a-1995. SCSI = CD/DVD reader/burner, HDD, ... like the USB masstorage.device but with the power of the SCSI design.

    Now it's not an obvious thing and need some code ;-)

    I prefer to spend some time on the DV and the IEC-61883 (AV/C) in first, because I've a firewire HDV camera to use :-p

    Anyway, we've Blender, so we've a video editing tool on MorphOS.

    Another note: I thing (not done yet) that the user API should not be compatible with the Linux API, in particular that I'm using messages IPC.
    But a small layer should be possible to make this compatibility.
    So some works'll be required to port applications after ;-)

    Ah very important thing: I've not got yet all pdf of IEC-61883 norm, this papers cost at bit (or a lot).
    I think I'm not need all papers, just the 1 to 4. not the 5, 6 and 7.
    It's a total cost of 375 CHF on http://webstore.iec.ch.

    I've not need direct money to motivate me, other than to obtain documentations or hardware (possible to borrow it also).
    I'm already hyper motivated since 2002 with the start of the Python port ;-)
    But it's alway a pleasure to receive spontaneous donation on my paypal, even little ones. But it's a biggest pleasure to receive feedback and usage notes from users. That's all.
    For the money I've an official work, that pays sufficiently for now ;-)
    Sure, hopping that I'll not be fired one day :-(

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    And now... next project!
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