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    Can it be integrated in Poseidon

    Are you joking?
    /me slap twice jcmarcos !

    Helios is a Firewire stack, Poseidon is a USB stack and not more.
    Do you want that TinyGL handles AHI also ? :-D

    ok, more seriously now:
    more details? hmmm read the fuc$$$ google translation :-D

    What to say... Helios is not a port of an existing stack but a real new development based on officials documentations. Even if I've taken a look on how Linux do the stuff, my design is not the same one (except for some obvious things or if the norm drives the code...)
    For exemple Helios uses mailbox based IPC and not callback like on Linux.
    And DMA context handlers are a bit differents in the way to build DMA descriptors.

    But it's sure that the norm well define the way to design your code in fact.

    Now, I'm concentrating my efforts on the 1394a-1995 norm supported by peg1&2 VIA chipset.
    After that why not to add support for the 1394b (FireWire800) norm.

    Another thing to know: it's a communication stack like Poseidon, and like this one protocol control is let to xxxxx.device. So don't expect to drive anything at the first release.
    When helios is finished, I'll work on a dv1394.device and a raw1394.device
    maybe if I've got a suffisent amount time a sbp2.device... or maybe one of us can code it ;-)

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    And now... next project!
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