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    A Christmas gift for MorphOS?
    By Yomgui on Monday December 8 2008, 16:12 - Other projects - Permalink

    Long expected to be discontinued because the hotel killed on the financial profits (especially those of Intel) by its creators, here come the return of the stack FireWire/IEEE1394/Lynx/_ <insert your specially marque> for our favorite OS, well appointed MorphOS!
    VYes, VYes, VYes, you read it!
    If you have not seen yet, I had 30 years in August!
    Huh? What is the report? As you can see on my ticket birthday, I had a video camera in DV format (HDV same) and therefore with its small port 1394 ...
    Yeah it's cool but not cool at all Window ... making an application properly of the video is paid for, and yet they are gas!
    War of choice so that you have a good old Mac (not the case for me and it solves the problem not the price, oh no!) Or to hack soft to borrow a friend to finally say ouai that it really is a crap un casse head to work with.
    Well, bah is not too much choice and as I say we are regularly ever better served either by itself.
    So the camera was in August, not very happy balance of the existing early September was the trip to Canada (history of that purchase worth it) was late September, so the top Project was late September - early October.
    Like any good development that begins, I began to see if it was not already in progress (see the first link of the ticket). So I contacted Sonic who first attempted a port of the Linux stack (see always the first link, definitely!). Unfortunately given the Firewire in 2006, abandoned by his father, he decided it was more rewarding (dixit Sonic, I had e-mail) to continue. End of story.
    Too bad for users, cool for me (I finally ouai gives taf night at the same time ...) I jumped at the chance and began to collect the documentation after verifying the chipset up in my Peg1 and 2 a VIA VT6306 (IEEE1394-1995, 3 ports). This gives us:
    Standard IEEE1394a-1995 and its amendment of 2000 (useful for some explanations on the package type ID and Self-ROM);
    Standard ohci1394 that it is a layer of abstraction for designers like VIA chipset and we facilitate things for us designers drivers;
    datasheet of the VT6303, useful for the format of packets PHY layer.
    At the same time I take a lot of big skull to read all at the same time, I spend a little time on implementing Linux history to see if I understand the docs twisted little trivial of Firewire.
    And zou passage to the code beginning in early October by using the new SDK includes MorphOS 2.x some files not yet public when I write these lines elsewhere (lib PCIX to replace openpci for example).
    And I never attacked the PCI on MorphOS is still this project
    So here we are today (early December) and what happens?
    And after more than 2 weeks on a bug of the most subtle fool, idiot invented by your servant of subtle, I completely changing manages real-time bus topology (connections / disconnections of devices) and almost the asynchronous mode in sending Reception. It remains for me to:
    debug the code for receipt of requests for acquittals transmission;
    completely and correctly handle the types of packets' lock 'and' physical '(always asynchronous);
    send packets of responses to requests received packets;
    complete code layer 'device' to be seen by the user and where he can control;
    encode any part isochronous, the most interesting of course;
    make an already small 1394raw.device to play with.
    You will understand (how does it not?) Does this stack of the transport of data between nodes on the bus in 1394, control will be left to care libraries xxxxxxx.device (genus or dv1394.device sbp2.device well and even avc1394.device).
    If this works well I hope that is no less formal integration in 2.x MorphOS (3.x?) Like its counterpart USB: Poseidon.
    Well, that's for new
    PS: I told myself that I had forgotten something important: This battery is not a port, but something developed and MorphOS!

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