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    Thanks, I'll try things out little by little as time goes. I appreciate everyone's support so far. (Thanks, Kronos!)

    You're right I'm not ready to buy MorphOS yet, but about the USB hub, just to provide some clarification...:


    amigadave wrote:
    Now that you have explained your interest level, and hardware limitations, I don't see any reason for you to register MorphOS at all, until some time in the future, when you find yourself more interested in using it. If buying a USB hub, so you can boot MorphOS from a USB thumb drive is not desirable to you, then paying the registration fee for something you are barely interested in, doesn't make sense either.

    Actually, it's not the buying of the hub itself that is not desirable per se for me. More specifically, it's because reliable ones tend to be those that are externally-powered, but I currently lack available plugs for it (and I'm already using quite a few plug extensions as is), and those that I used in the past that were not externally-powered would lose its connection to the main computer once every while, and I'm unaware of a brand I can trust.

    There's also the problem of going out to buy one: I'm currently busy with some delicate matters (immigration & moving, work etc.), so I can't go out and buy one. Ordering one online may arrive after I moved (or not), and even otherwise it may never arrive due to very, very, very bad customs and mail service here.

    Anyway, all in due time, I guess.
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