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    Thanks for the replies, y'all!


    koszer wrote:
    And why wouldn't you simply boot from an external USB drive?

    The Mac mini G4, which is my main intent to use MorphOS on (which would have been the Quad G5, only if MorphOS supported any of the multicore, PCIe PowerMac G5s...) only has 2 USB slots, and those are already taken by a mouse and a keyboard (I don't yet have that Apple keyboard that includes an USB slot itself, and I currently lack access to reliable USB hubs).

    Besides, I do already use that FW drive to boot many other OSes (FreeBSD, NetBSD, YDL, Gentoo and Debian GNU/Linux, specific Mac OS X versions), so I wouldn't want to plug yet another drive, and you can't boot from an USB drive on PowerMacs, lest you access Open Firmware each time and use some voodoo, the problem being having to do that every time I boot (and not the voodoo itself).

    There is actually another issue with MorphOS which I haven't mentioned so far, and that is the fact it doesn't display anything at all no matter what I do when I'm using my main monitor, which is a Samsung Full HD LED display. I don't have a setup where I can viably switch monitors, but I did dust off a CRT one and confirmed I can boot (and see) MorphOS with it just fine, but I can't keep using that monitor for space reasons.
    I use everything else with that monitor just fine, over a VGA cable. (DVI-to-HDMI also works, but the image then gets really bad.) Even Mac OS 9, which was recently made bootable into the Mac mini G4, works with that monitor

    Oh, well...
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