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    amigadave wrote:
    Seems like a strange "prerequisite", before you will consider registering MorphOS, care to explain why you must have this feature before you can register?

    Why do you find it strange? It's simple: I have very little Amiga knowledge currently, and, hence, currently, very little interest in it when compared to the other OS options on PowerPC platforms (BSD, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X).

    However, I am willing to give the Amiga family of OSes a fair chance. But I can't afford to sacrifice my limited internal drive's space for something that is, currently, less than a whim, and when my free time is sadly very limited. I DO have, however, available free disk space in an external HDD drive.

    That is all.


    polluks wrote:
    Finally FireWire is old enough to be supported.
    Like Objective-C compared to Swift.

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    Oh, by supported, you mean we can boot MorphOS from it? Or do you mean simply that MorphOS can work with them? The latter I'm aware is already supported, but do you also mean to say so is the former?
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