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    > I honestly don't understand your point?

    My point is: Contrary to what you claimed, you did not write above about "openSUSE 11.0 [Software A]... on the EFIKA/Open Client [Hardware 1]", but about "MPC8610 [Hardware 2] and MPC5121e development systems [Hardware 3] running openSUSE 11.0 [Software A]" and "a native beta Flash plugin [Software B] [...] on the EFIKA/Open Client [Hardware 1] and the 8610 based system [Hardware 2]".

    ...or short to hopefully make it easier for you to grasp:
    Software A on Hardware 2 and Hardware 3 and Software B on Hardware 1 and Hardware 2. Nothing about Software A on Hardware 1.

    That's what you wrote above.
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