MorphOS runs on QEmu
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    > Project Qmiga:

    Current status of Pegasos II emulation:

    "In its current state the board firmware ROM runs and also can boot operating systems but only MorphOS >=2.6 can usefully boot yet. Linux [...] also boots but it does not seem to have driver for the VGA card (expects Radeon VGA) so can only be used over serial console. Similar to Linux, AmigaOS4.1 PegasosII version also boots but can't be seen due to no graphics driver. Maybe the driver from Sam460EX version could be used somehow but I did not attempt that. A lot of MV64361 might still be missing and there are also missing pieces of VT8231 but not sure how much of these are needed."
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    Sadly in next version of QEMU will be not present the new Pegasos II board on which Zoltan Balaton is working on. Meanwhile there was a great fix for Sam460ex board to prevents random gurus and and improved emulation od via-ide chipset.
    For a complete Pegasos II usage there will be still needed ATI Radeon full emulation and some other stuff.
    Zoltan said me maybe it could be done in a 5.1 or 5.2 version of QEMU, so on 3th or 4th quarter of 2020. I tried to support him with debug logs from a real Pegasos II, but I hope there will other people interested on it who can support in any way the project.
    Remember a virtual board will be never broken and time after time it will be faster and faster with release of new cpus.. It can be considered also a good way to preserve from time our beloved Amigas and our history.
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