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    ok :-)
    I give up

    using an "asus" motherboard I was convinced that I had identified the usbhid :-)

    going to see the individual components

    sudo lsusb -vvd 0b05: 1899

    it actually corresponds to the keyboard
    Bus 005 Device 003: ID 0b05: 1899 ASUSTek Computer, Inc. TUF GAMING K5
    Device Descriptor:
    bLength 18
    bDescriptorType 1
    bcdUSB 1.10
    bDeviceClass 0
    bDeviceSubClass 0
    bDeviceProtocol 0
    bMaxPacketSize0 64
    idVendor 0x0b05 ASUSTek Computer, Inc.
    idProduct 0x1899
    bcdDevice 0.45
    iManufacturer 1 ASUSTeK
    iProduct 2 TUF GAMING K5

    etc. etc.

    therefore completely wrong road.

    I remain of the idea that if the developer does not personally try a usb-audio stick to see how it works.

    Of course I personally can't do anything about it.

    I will dedicate myself to something else :-)

    it remains only that with qemu sam460ex the usb-audio stick is perfectly recognized in all its parts only problem is that you can't hear the sound.

    I would work on this, but it's not up to me.

    Well it was a nice pastime I learned other things. :-)

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