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    The goal was to use kvm-pr mode and use powerpc at full speed.
    With a Sam460ex it was not possible due it's book3e cpu.

    You can configure arbitrary CPU while using QEmu. I often use 750cxe and 7448 when testing (this is in combination with -machine mac99). I don't know how kvm-pr works exactly but it'd be mighty silly if it would somehow restrict the emulated CPU type.

    You can get some impossible system + CPU combinations but as long as you boot the correct MorphOS version (and the CPU is supported in the first place) it ought to just work. Naturally if the kvm-pr can't emulate a MorphOS compatible CPU it won't work. My point here is that Pegasos II machine emulation doesn't give you any better options regarding this.

    Granted, I don't use kvm-pr myself so I have no intimate knowledge about the limitations it poses. Yet, I see no way how Pegasos II machine emulation would improve the situation there.

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