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    Flash wrote:
    I wonder if some in MOS/OS4 developer team would help Zoltan to reach the goal and have a virtual NG platform ready for next Qemu 6.1 release.

    I don't think he needs any help really, he seems to be doing just fine. Also, QEMU has been working fine for some time already. I've for example ran most of my MorphOS testing on QEMU for several years now (no need to carry multiple laptops around).

    QEMU Pegasos II emulation gives no benefit over Sam460 emulation, to be honest. At least I see no point in switching to it (note that I care about MorphOS emulation).

    QEMU has a very limited usability really: The performance is so limited it mainly is usable for quick testing. Compile and similar tasks are better suited for amd64 linux cross-compile environment.

    Please also note that QEMU isn't an officially supported platform for MorphOS and you cannot register MorphOS for QEMU.

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