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    > to reach the goal and have a virtual NG platform ready

    Isn't this already there in form of the Sam460 emulation? What's intended with the Pegasos II emulation is a common QEMU platform that can be virtualized with KVM-PR on Book III-S hardware. This cannot be done with the Book III-E platform that is the Sam460, as you correctly wrote 5 months back.

    > QEMU could really be a valid alternative to UAE
    > for AmigaNG platforms.

    UAE cannot run current MorphOS 2.0+ because there hasn't been released any MorphOS 2.0+ for PowerUP. So in terms of running MorphOS 2.0+, and thus also in terms of running both OS4 and MorphOS 2.0+ via the same software solution, QEMU isn't just a valid alternative to UAE but very much the only way to do it.
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