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    Current status of Pegasos II emulation:

    "In its current state the board firmware ROM runs and also can boot operating systems but only MorphOS >=2.6 can usefully boot yet. Linux [...] also boots but it does not seem to have driver for the VGA card (expects Radeon VGA) so can only be used over serial console. Similar to Linux, AmigaOS4.1 PegasosII version also boots but can't be seen due to no graphics driver. Maybe the driver from Sam460EX version could be used somehow but I did not attempt that. A lot of MV64361 might still be missing and there are also missing pieces of VT8231 but not sure how much of these are needed."


    "It is basically working now, can boot MorphOS (and also AmigaOS but that has no display driver for VGA so can't be seen [...]) but to be able to upstream it I'll need to clean it up and have some firmware to avoid needing a non-distributable ROM image. VOF [Virtual Open Firmware] might be the simplest way for this to just get the Amiga like bootloaders [...] start which only need some CI fuctions."

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