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    tlosmx wrote:


    Also what happens with floating point performance under KVM ?

    threadripper vs g5 quad in kvm on Mac99 qemu

    Hmm, pretty good. And we are comparing a 2.5 GHz PPC to a higher clocked X64 cpu.
    Bench averages look good, and the fpu scores clearly favor kvm/PPC.

    If this was possible under Power 9, all the scores would favor Power/kvm.
    And even on a 970FX it looks good.

    No matter how hard you try to push Tabor, this is a better solution that would provide for multiple sessions with more power and a fully compatible standard fpu with AltiVec/VMX instructions.

    What's more, the price of a Quad G5 is comparable (or lower) than a Tabor motherboard.
    Add better performance under Linux, the ability to run OSX or BSD, and I know what platform I prefer.
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