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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>> I'd be willing to bet that this could be done better on Power9.

    >> QEMU-KVM doesn't work as yet so no running this on any PPC
    >> or Power9 without emulating it same as on x64 for now.

    > Power 9...not X64, that would take care of that issue. ;-)
    > [...] it would run legacy PPC code.

    Would? Does? Will? I'm confused :-)

    Again, not just yet. But soon KVM should be a possible option.
    Interesting that I'd never considered the X1000, but that could serve as well.

    What about the final G5s? I know the 970FX doesn't have a hypervisor (apparently disabled from the Power 4 subset it was taken from), but QEMU-KVM already appears to be working on these.

    BTW - The low performance of PPC emulation on X64 doesn't surprise my, Mark told me it was borderline months ago and he wasn't sure if PPC emulation would make it into NG. Apparently primarily due to an issue related to available resources.

    The question becomes what do we want to do with emulation, because it won't be supported outside MorphOS.
    Then again, Nik's results are pretty remarkable, so maybe this is something the community can do on its own.
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