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    Leo wrote:

    Papiosaur wrote:
    Excellent news !

    Thanks Leo for the snapshot.

    It usable ?

    Not really, not yet:

    - it crashes frequently (I guess its due to qemu emulation)
    - it's slow (it takes at least 2min to open OWB & several minutes to show installation wizard)
    - it's 2D only and I guess there's no sound

    But still, I think it's a good thing to have the ability to run it on any platform. For example I can now finally test cross compiled apps I created. Before that I couldn't do it unless I decided to buy a machine just for that.

    Which branch did you pull to build this Leo?

    I want to try it on my 4.2GHz 7700k.
    1.67GHz 15" PowerBook G4, 1GB RAM, 128MB Radeon 9700M Pro, 64GB SSD, MorphOS 3.15

    2.7GHz DP G5, 4GB RAM, 512MB Radeon X1950 Pro, 500GB SSHD, MorphOS 3.9
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