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    Raf_MegaByte wrote:

    This screenshot tells almost everything. In detail - bigfoot made some patches for qemu to make it emulate the Pegasos2. And no, MorphOS 1.4 won't run on it due to some bug in OF emulation.

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    Last time I used virtual machines like QEMU or PearPC on Intel X86, these were uncapable to emulate a PPC clocked more than 75 MHz...

    A lightweight OS like MorphOS (or even AmigaOS) could run in such slooooow speed, but it is unusable for many uses, like playing DVD videos that require speed clocked minimum at 500/600 MHz.

    If the PPC virtual machine was not being DRAMATICALLY enhanched and Clock Speed raised up, then the emulated machine it is almost unusable.

    IMHO nice proof of concept, but nothing else.

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    QEMU PPC-JIT on Threadripper vs QEMU KVM on a G5.

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