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    acepeg wrote:
    The problem is that modern entry level pc's are not faster than ten years Old core2duo. It's another problem. I agree that we are geek in fact. But what i want to explain is that nothing serious can be done with émulation. Most of classic users prefer native Amiga to winuae even it's 100times faster. So i think this is the same for Os4 users and Morphos one also. I don't say that it's bad for Morphos. For Os4 it's à différent case since they have only overpriced hardware disponible.

    Core i3 and i5 systems ARE faster than Core Duo systems (I own both), and a relatively cheap Ryzen based system is also superior.
    Emulation COULD provide adequate performance, IF it wasn't focused on low end cpus like the 603e.
    And while I own legacy Amiga hardware, I am increasingly defaulting to emulation and FPGA platforms.

    So...obviously I disagree with the majority of your stated opinions.

    Also, a MorphOS X64 port could benefit from the use of something like QEMU in order to run our legacy ABox environment and its applications.

    The future is not the retention of a diminishing based of legacy hardware, its moving on to bigger and better systems.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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