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    >> https://github.com/mmuman/qemu/tree/sam460ex-WIP-rebasing
    >> http://www.amiga.org/forums/showthread.php?p=804695

    > That is interesting.

    Some progress:

    "Here's a series to add emulation of the Sam460ex to QEMU. [...] This code is based on previous work by Fran├žois Revol, cleaning it up and adding some missing parts to get it to start working at least for the Linux kernel and the original U-Boot firmware of the board (which is needed to boot the Amiga like OSes easily). [...] This is not complete and cannot run most of the interesting OSes yet as there are still missing parts and likely some bugs I could not fix [...]. [...] MorphOS starts booting but does not find PCI devices so it fails. Unfortunately I don't know how to set kernel parameters to enable debug logging (passing them via the bootloader like on Mac does not work and MorphOS people haven't reply my query about it) so I don't care for now until other OSes easier to debug can't boot. (Besides, MorphOS could also run on the Mac emulation and may get a new version soon which might change a few things so it's low priority now; maybe I look at it again when new version is available.) I could not test AmigaOS because I don't have that but I would not be surprised if it would also fail during boot for some reason but if someone has a copy and can try it let me know how it fails (try -serial stdio to hopefully get some logs)."
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