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    I don't want the "Bye..." on my homepages missunderstood as some kind of lame joke. It is not a joke. It also doesn't mean I'll stop developing MorphOS software. I only would do that for 'technical' (be it software or hardware) reasons.

    This also has nothing to do with PAB. The guy is a completly irrelevant factor for my decision to switch to the new homepage layout.

    It's my sign of respect towards platon42 and his work I appreciate very much. Maybe the current events of all the sites/ authors showing solidarity with him will tell there are also normal people left in the 'market' and it still can be fun to be around and hack some stuff together. It will hopefully also wake up the users who usally are too lazy to give positive feedback. If a developer only reads the negative/ useless 'feedback' in the troll controlled comment areas on sites like amiganews.de it's for sure not very motivating in the long run. I don't know how large the amount of positive/ useful/ constructive feedback (in form of emails, comments, etc.) is which platon42 recieves, but it looks like it was maybe not large enough to overrule the an.de comments trash talk.


    (I only speaking for myself, but I guess the other authors who joined the solidarity action think about the issue in a similiar way)
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