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    A new build of OpenTTD for MorphOS is available at http://www.openttd.org/ (if the file is not online yet, then please download it directly from sourceforge.net in the meanwhile... always can take a while before it gets added).

    What's new?

    0.6.3-RC1 (2008-09-22)
    - Fix: Invalid v->u.air.targetairport could cause crashes at several places [FS#2300] (r14383, r14344, r14343)
    - Fix: Moving the first vehicle of a train elsewhere might require a new unitnumber for the remaining chain which might not be available (r14384)
    - Fix: Trams jumping when reversing on a single trambit (like caused during road construction reworks) or when (manually) reversing in a corner [FS#1852] (r14371)
    - Fix: Multiheaded parts in free wagon chains weren't connected (could cause desyncs) (r14366, r14362)
    - Fix: [Win32] Some keypress combinations could be handled twice [FS#2206] (r14363)
    - Fix: The ownership of roadtiles was not properly set for very old savegames (including TTD's) making it impossible to remove some pieces of road [FS#2311] (r14359)
    - Fix: Desync due to randomly ordered vehicle hash by flooding and road vehicle overtake/following (r14356, r14258)
    - Fix: Signs were not updated on company bankrupcy/sell, and thus could have the colour of invalid player (r14348)
    - Fix: Delete the RenameSignWindow when 'its' sign is deleted (r14345)
    - Fix: Signs from old savegames were lost (causing little memory leaks) (r14340)
    - Fix: When a company was renamed and then manager was renamed before building anything, company name changed (r14328)
    - Fix: When you rename a town before building something and build something near that town your company would be called "<old townname> Transport" [FS#2251] (r14327)
    - Fix: Free any blocks that a helicopter may have on an oilrig when the helicopter gets forcefully removed (bankruptcy). For other airports this isn't needed as they can't be used by multiple companies [FS#2241] (r14324)
    - Fix: Possible assert when renaming removed waypoint (r14322)
    - Fix: Properly delete orders so the pool doesn't fill up (r14319)
    - Fix: Do not allow building road over level crossings and drive-through road stops in the wrong direction; do not allow adding roadtypes to non-drive through road stops; pay for all added road bits [FS#2268] (r14316, r14315, r14314, r14308)
    - Fix: Aircraft frozen above oil rig when the next order is invalid [FS#2244] (r14309)
    - Fix: [YAPF] Only reserve road slots for multistop when they are really reachable [FS#2294] (r14305)
    - Fix: One could be trying to get the station name of a station that is outside of the pool (r14297)
    - Fix: Default for sound effects and music volume should be in the valid range for that setting [FS#2286] (r14289)
    - Fix: Make small UFO aware of articulated RVs so they crash the complete vehicle instead of a small part of it (r14270)
    - Fix: Desyncs after deleting a waypoint because of explicit destructor call instead of using operator delete (r14265)
    - Fix: Merge keycode for "normal" 0-9 keys and keypad 0-9 keys so people do not get confused that the keypad does not work as expected [FS#2277] (r14260)
    - Fix: Clicking on the smallmap didn't break the "follow vehicle in main viewport" [FS#2269] (r14243)
    - Fix: The engine-purchase-list-sorter doubled running-cost and halfed capacity of double-headed engines [FS#2267] (r14239)
    - Fix: Feeder share was computed wrong when splitting cargo packet (r14234)
    - Fix: Signs (town name, station name, ...) could be too long for 8bit width in pixels (r14221)
    - Fix: 10 days != 6*2.5 days, effectively causing the payment graph to show the wrong data (r14219)
    - Fix: When determining length of a string with limited size, first check if we are not out of bounds already (r14204)
    - Fix: Properly update the current timetable's travel/wait times instead of only doing it for one vehicle in the shared order chain and only when some bit has not been set [FS#2236] (r14192)
    - Fix: Sprite payload skipping would not skip enough bytes in a very small subset of compressed sprites (r14191)
    - Fix: After applying NewGRF settings, all rail and road types were available as the engine availability check was performed too early (r14182)
    - Fix: Close all related vehicle lists when closing a station window (and not only the train list) (r14180)
    - Fix: RemoveOrderFromAllVehicles() did not mark enough windows dirty (r14179)
    - Fix: Incorrect cargo weights (r14144)
    - Fix: GetSlopeZ() gets a virtual coordinate, not a tile (r14139)
    - Fix: Close the 'manage vehicles' dropdown once the number of vehicles in the list reaches 0 [FS#2249] (r14133)
    - Fix: [strgen] Changing order of parameters {X:...} did not work for strings including some {StringY} (r14111)
    - Fix: Desync due to bubbles in toyland (r14110)
    - Fix: Make NewGRF action 0x06's changes persistent over the several loading stages [FS#1986] (r14102)
    - Fix: Make the 'Transfer Credit' display aware of the entire consist, not only the first vehicle (r14098)
    - Fix: Do not flood a NewGRF industry when it implicitly tells that it wants to be build on water (land shape flags bit 5) [FS#2230] (r14093)
    - Fix: The vehicle window of articulated road vehicles would show the clone/refit button when the vehicle was not completely stopped in the depot (r14090)
    - Fix: Flawed parsing of words (as in 2 bytes) in GRF strings due to sign extension [FS#2228] (r14087)
    - Fix: Division by 0 in NewAI [FS#2226] (r14062)
    - Fix: NewGRF callback 23 did not use the NewGRF compatible text stack [FS#2224] (r14058)
    - Fix: NewGRF text stack's "push word" didn't move the data around properly (r14057)
    - Fix: Long strings in the edit box would cause OpenTTD to stop drawing the string. This is especially noticable with low resolutions and the chat input box (r14054)
    - Fix: [OSX] changed the condition for selecting 8 or 32 bpp blitter by default. Now we will pick 32 bpp if no 8 bpp fullscreen resolutions are available on the main display (the one with the dock) (r14032)
    - Fix: Crash when the AI tries to find the depot of an airport that doesn't have a depot [FS#2190] (r13999)
    - Fix: MSVC cannot handle changed files in the prebuild event, so make the version determination a separate subproject [FS#2004] (r13998)
    - Fix: The dedicated console removed any character that was not a printable ASCII character instead. Now it allows UTF8 formated strings too [FS#2189] (r13992)
    - Fix: Resetting construction stage counter reset more than it should (r13981)
    - Fix: Wrong tooltip for the industry directory's list [FS#2178] (r13917)

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